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Was man alles singen kann:

Les voitures, elles puent et faisent beaucoup de bruit: FAHRRADFAHREN!

Freedom for bellies, toes and the rest of the beautiful gang!

Where is the solution for the pollution?

Let me be your bodycoach!

Freiheit dem Spiel und dem Sex-appeal!

Just to mention: My intention is prevention.

We are all the same: Human beings with fragile hearts.

I´m nature and I want nature.

Das Gute ist, dass es uns überhaupt gibt.

Das Recht hat nicht immer recht.

When there is no sun, WE have to shine.

Don´t forget, where your heart is: more left than right.

The mind is blind.

In jedem steckt ein Ei, sogar zwei.

Let´s dance, as long as we can!

The body is a wonderful instrument.

Friendly to everybody!

Lady, be strong!

You are a looser, if you lost your heart.

I know, that i can´t fly, but i try.

Up to me, in every street should be, at least one tree.

Life is short!

1, 2, 3, Art is free. 1, 2, 3, Kunst ist frei.


A, B, C, Let me be!

You know, what i like: the smell of the planet

You know, what i don´t like: hierarchies

Show me your soul!

… and in the end we are all together.

Keep on swinging!

Riechen statt Rauchen!

Liebe statt Drogen!

Nobody knows the truth.

All is one and one is all.


Mind the gap!

Tschüss, Machos!

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